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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
The more interesting ZONES and LOCALITIES of Friuli Venezia Giulia region


  The FVG region is a mosaic constituted by even 20 Zones each other different for natural environment, climate, history, productions and traditions.
  In each of it there is, at least, one locality of absolute international importance, on the plain historical, artistic or naturalistic and often on all the three ones (all and only these main localities are listed both in the section Storia, Arte, Natura).
  In this section are indicated for every Zone also all attractions of second and third level present so that the Visitor could have a various and considerable whole of targets for a visit also of several days (in brackets, in the general list the shortest and the optimal times for a complete visit). 

  In the page of each Zone, moreover, historical profile, road map, typical food and drink, gastronomy, handicrafts, touristic accommodation, information offices.


VALLI GIULIE: Moggio, Resia, Pontebba, Tarvisio (Province of Udine) (3-5 days)

CARNIA: Tolmezzo, Arta Terme, Paularo, Sauris, Forni di Sopra (Udine) (5-7 days)

MANIAGO, Piancavallo, Barcis, Cimolais and Valcellina (Pordenone) (3-5 days)

SPILIMBERGO and surroundings in the Tre Valli (Pordenone) (3-5 days)

GEMONA, Venzone, Bordano and surroundings ( Udine) (2-3 days)

VALLI DEL TORRE from Tarcento to Faedis ( Udine) (2-3 days)

CIVIDALE and surroundings with Castelmonte and the Valleys of Natisone river (Udine) (3-5 days)

COLLI DEL TRIANGOLO ('Triangle Hills') Buttrio, Manzano and Corno di Rosazzo (Udine) (2-3 days)

COLLIO from Dolegna to Cormons and from Capriva to Gorizia (Gorizia) (2-3 days)

SAN DANIELE and ten Castles of the hill tableland ( Udine) (3-4 days)

SACILE and Polcenigo in the Alto Livenza (Pordenone) (2-3 days)

The MAGREDI: San Quirino, Vivaro and San Giorgio della Richinvelda (Pordenone) (1-2 days)

UDINE, Tricesimo, Palmanova and surroundings (Udine) (3-5 days)

TERRE MANIN with Codroipo, Passariano and Rivignano (Udine) (2-3 days)

PORDENONE and surroundigns with San Vito, Sesto al Reghena, Valvasone (Pordenone) (3-5 days)

AQUILEIA, Cervignano, Torviscosa and surroundings ( Udine) (2-3 days)

GORIZIA, Gradisca d’Isonzo, Redipuglia, Monfalcone and surroundings (Gorizia) (3-5 days)

The LOW RIVIERA with GRADO, LIGNANO and Laguna di Marano ( Udine and Gorizia) (3-4 days)

TRIESTE and its HIGH RIVIERA from Duino and Sistiana to Muggia (Trieste) (4-6 days)

CARSO of Gorizia from S.Michele to Doberdò, and of Trieste from Aurisina to Sgonico, Monrupino and San Dorligo (Gorizia and Trieste) (2-3 days)

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