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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
Guide and touristic Map of the town of GEMONA del Friuli


    Gemona del Friuli is a rare example of historical town in a modern manner rebuilt, after the earthquake of 1976, but with the old urban guide-lines of the ‘town upon the hill’: streets, staircases, arcades, small squares maintain the ancient function and the great fascination of the town ‘on a human scale’.
    The modern materials and the creative architectural details don’t oppose but, wisely used, give more elegance to a town born rich of existential stimulus both in the normal life and for the numerous, very ancient and full of charme events.
    Then the first thing to do by the Visitor is a walk through the narrow streets of the historical centre included between the two main ways on different levels (via Caneva above and via Di Prampero below) that meet in the very ancient street of the Duomo (via Bini). So you could better appreciate the historical-artistic jewels of the town.

- the Duomo of 1300
- the Museum-Pictures Gallery in Elti Palace
- the Municipal Palace of 1500
- the medieval Castle (almost entirely rebuilt)
- the Theatre - the Sant’Antonio’s Sanctuary-monastery of 1200
- historic Fountain of Silans in Godo


- in Ospedaletto, at North, there is the interesting architectural complex of the medieval Hospital with the S.Spirito Church; the Ognissanti Church and the Cocconi Mill with the Waters’ Ecomuseum.
  The water, in fact, is present in the municipal district of Gemona with three singular phenomenons:

- the little Minisini Lake, of glacial origin, at East of Ospedaletto - the Tagliamento River with its very large gravelly bed
- the plentiful resurgences of Lessi, in the southern area


The natural environment

Gemona is characterized by two interesting naturalistic elements: the first elevations of the Prealpi Giulie (Chiampon mount) with several botanic rarities, and, at short distance, an area with abundant plain resurgences.

    This second plain area (on both sides of the Ss 13 road) is located at South of the town and it is easy to reach and tour thanks to some cartroads. More than a lot of water pouring out from the ground, there is interesting to see some hydraulic works which control the water flowing and give origin to irrigation and energy production canals.
  The mountain area of the municipal district (of which is a fundamental characteristic) is easy to enjoy at Sella Foredor (700 metres higher than the historical centre, with a refreshing holiday farm) that you can reach in few minutes on an asphalt road: here you will enjoy a large view of the Valley of the Tagliamento river and the observation of some rare geological and botanic aspects of the Prealpi Giulie.   

The history of Gemona del Friuli

  In the place of Gemona the human presence dates back to 1000 years b.C. when the passage of entire nomadic peoples forced the resident tribes (celtic the last ones) to find steady refuge upon the mountain slopes . A considerable economic development began however about 100 b.C. when, consequently to the romanization of the Europe, increased the traffics between North and South of the continent for which Gemona constituted an obliged point of passage and rest.
  Then Gemona was always an important commercial and military centre until beginning twentieth century. Today, lost in a large degree these historical roles, the more ancient part of the town has devoted itself to make the most of its urban, artistic and craft heritage, which stands at international level.

Where to stay for sleeping in Gemona del Friuli

1 - Hotel Restaurant Bar WILLY**°°, Gemona del Friuli 33013 UD, via Bariglaria 164, tel.0432-981671  / Accommodation in 56 rooms with 1-2-3 beds (also for disabled) and all comforts (also hydromassage); sauna, Turkish bath, fitness, computer services / Garden, children playground / Added Restaurant Bar (monday closed)

Where to eat typical dishes in Gemona del Friuli


3 - Ostarie DAI GIMUI**°°I, Gemona del Friuli 33013 UD, loc.Maniaglia (a Sud-Est verso Artegna) via 4 Novembre 27, tel.349-7016478 / Exclusively friulian cooking with seasonal local products and game, from 50 years with the care of the same family (special menu on booking) / Historical place ; Room for banquets; Garden in summer; Panorama / Open 9.30-14.00 (cooking 12-14.00)/16-24.00 (cooking 19-21.00); Tuesday closed


1 - Restaurant Bar Hotel WILLY, Gemona del Friuli 33013 UD, via Bariglaria 164, tel.0432-981671   / Typical regional and creative cooking (specialities: filled pasta, barbecued meats, the sweet ‘Willy’) / Rooms also for great banquets and conventions / Garden in summer; Children playground / Monday closed

Typical what to buy in Gemona del Friuli


2 - LATTERIA Turnaria di CAMPOLESSI, Gemona del Friuli 33013 UD, loc. Lessi via San Marco 7  (behind the Church), tel./fax.0432-791411 346-6160728  / Production of various typical kinds of soft and hard Cheese (Latteria, Butter, Stracchinoi, Caciotta, Ricotta) all with milk made by cows fed without ensiled and gmo fodder / Certified by Slow Food and Aqua / Direct sale every day 10.30-13.00 (sunday closed).

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