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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
The three varieties of extravirgin Doges' olive oil
The taste files of the three varieties of the extravirgin Doges’ olive oil product by the organic farm Bruno Casagrande in Caneva near Sacile – Pordenone – Friuli

Oil obtained from a BLEND of some varieties

  The smell sensation offers of an aromatic elegant opening with rich green notes of just cut grass and of almond which is the distinguishing mark of the northern italian olive oils.
  The taste sensation underlines the excellent integration of the pleasant bitter and of the spicy, persistent in tasting conclusion.

Recommended matchings:
garlic and tomato bread, pulse vegetables dishes, season vegetables.


Oil obtained from the monocultivar BIANCHERA in purity

 The smell sensation is characteristic for enveloping and fresh marked notes which remember the just cut grass, the bitter almond and, in conclusion, an intriguing note of flowers.
 The taste sensation gives full confirmation to the smell notes and has a characteristic bitter and spicy taste, strong but agreeable.

Recommended matchings:
grain soups, spicy first dishes of mediterranean area, red meat.


obtained with the three more precious italian cultivar

  It has a characteristic body, average fruity and well perceivable, constituted by interesting and elegant notes of green almond and by fresh citrus fruit sensations.
 The taste sensation, rich of balance and harmony, goes, the whole tasting along, with a pleasant bitter note which well interpenetrates with spicy sensation of the after-taste.

Recommended matchings:
local tradition dishes, noble fish, grilled vegetables.

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