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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
The organic DOGES's olive oil and Wines of Bruno Casagrande farm in Friuli


Owing to a large number of reservations,
our Direct sale Point is closed until Autumn 2019.
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Bruno Casagrande Farm
Caneva, near Sacile, in the province of Pordenone, upon the hills at the foot of the Cansiglio tableland (protecting them from cold northern winds), in a scenery painted by the intense green of the forests and by the emerald of the emerging waters of the Livenza river, has ever been a cradle of civilization ( the first built-up area on piles is dated 5000 years ago) and producer of excellent agro-foods (wine, olive oil, cheese, dark fig… ).
Thanks to the sightedness and to impressive works for restoring landscape of this important entrepreneur of Pordenone, a bare and, at intervals, steep rise becames a wide agro-food park with an ideal habitat for the olive and the grape-vine, enriching the panorama with the winding and harmonious courses of they rows.
The Bruno Casagrande Farm is situated in the western hills area of Friuli Venezia Giulia region, in the municipal district of Caneva (PN), upon sunny slopes, at few hundreds metres from the ancient castle of Caneva. It has an extension of about 42 hectares, 15 of which are cultivated as olive grove and 15 as vineyard. In a splendid natural amphitheatre grow 9000 olive trees which produce average 100 hectolitres of extravirgin olive oil and about 70.000 vines producing average 1500 hundred kilograms of grapes

Both the olive oil and the wine are produced with cultivation systems conform to the organic regulations (Reg.Cee 834/07 and 889/08).


  ‘The Doges’ Olive oil’ is at the top of the organic production in the Italian Friuli Venezia Giulia region because

- under the nutritional point of view  (with a quantity of saturated oleic acid very very low: between 0,08 and 0,18% while a lot of current Italian extravirgin olive oils on the market are over the maximum knowledge limit of 0,80% and the friulan ones have about the 0,20-0,30%!), thanks to the methods of picking and pressing made in the own our farm, it is an healthy and perfect product; 
- it has a very high organoleptic quality thanks to the organic cultivation
- it is typical of the Friuli region
because made with olives picked exclusively in the farm olive grove largely composed with native cultivars 
- the product has a price commensurate to the its typicalness.

The Doge’s olive oil is available in three types:

- the traditional regional BLEND olive oil , a mixture made with some different cultivars (between them also the native Bianchera), selected in guarantee of the best taste and organoleptic harmony
- the BIANCHERA olive oil in purity
, constituted by an original mixture of three rare and precious cultivars.

(see tasting files)  

  In defence of the consumer the Doges’ olive oil is available in round dark glass bottle (0,50 lt or 0,75 lt) with a particular cork which does not allow the bottle filling up after the first bottling. There is available also can of 3 lt. The prices for litre change following tpey and size of the holders, from the minimum of Euro 15/lt.
There are also available (€ 7,00) small bottles with Oil with lemon and Oil with kot pepper.


  We named our product ‘DOGES’ OLIVE OIL’ because, during the most splendid period of the ‘Serenissima’ Venetian Republic, the Doges laid in supplies regularly in this area for their cuisine.

  The Doges’ olive oil, golden green coloured, is without heating extracted in our farm oil mill from the olives just picked.

The cultivars of our olive oil are Bianchera, Gorgazzo, Casaliva, Grignano, Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino, Pendolino, Picholine, Coratina and Moraiolo, which allow an appropriate pollination and an oil well balanced.

  The Doges’ olive oil is also at the high of seasoning capacity: you will need very little of it to making taste to every dish, from the garlic bread to the raw or cooked vegetables, fish and meat. For this reason our bottles have an hermetic cap which allows to preserve the pleasant smells and the precise characteristic of the product as so an accurate pouring out.

Our oils in few years have already obtained several Prizes. (see file)

The characteristics of the Doges’olive oil product by the Bruno Casagrande organic farm

The guarantie of certain origin is the possibility to visit the farm with over 9000 olive trees in about 14 hectares near the Fiaschetti village in the municipal district of Caneva (PN)

The chosen cultivars and the piedmont environment in western Friuli define the Doges’olive oil specificity and peculiarities, with typical constituent and organoleptic characteristics.

The firm manages the own olive grove with cultivation systems conform to the organic method (Reg Cee 834/07 and 889/08) and taking care of every particular: the pruning, carried out with regard for physiological equilibrium of the plants; the organic fertilizing treatments esecuted with substances permitted by organic cultivation, with particular attention to the war against the olive fly (one of the most noxious parasites) essential to guarantee production and quality.

The oil quality is heavily influenced by the olives maturity level: the picking is esecuted at the start of the maturity phase and lasts 1 month at maximum, following the maturity graduation (see details)

The our modern press (made by ‘Rapanelli’) has a continous module with centrifugation and possibility of separating the oil by percolation: the olives are pressed in the same day of the picking. The oil is extracted without heating and the temperature is continuously controlled. We take care of every phase of transformation: defoliation, washing, crushing, kneading, extraction, percolating. (see details)

The preservation happens in stainless steel containers and in a suitable room, searching for: to reduce to minimum the air volumes in contact with oil; to maintain low the oil temperature, without the oil solidification; to protect the oil against the exposure to the light; to make the necessary decantations and filtrations.

All lots of our oil are analised and controlled. Analytical readings: from to 0,08 to 0,18% of acidity in free oleic acid; low peroxides.

The Doges’ olive oil, included in the extravirgin oils category, is delicate and harmonious, highly fruity, both to the taste and to the smell, with its characteristic after-taste of almond.

    Our vineyards are exclusively managed with cultivation systems conform to the organic method (Reg. Cee 834/07 and 889/08).
  The vineyards extend on an area of 15 hectares and are situated on the hills included in the DOC GRAVE DEL FRIULI area, upon sunny slopes.

  The adopted cultivation standards are oriented to reaching an high quality product: high density of plants and low production per stump, very accurate prunings, balanced foliage expansion, continuous control and strong attention in the production watch.

  The vinification of the wines of Bruno Casagrande farm is made in the our olive mill using only own grapes, with high-tec equipments. The careful grapes selection and the scrupulous vinification procedures are the base essential of our wines.

  Our wines are available only in bottles (starting from € 5,50) in own farm shop.
They are:
White wines: PROSECCO fizzing version, Sparkling versions Brut and Extra Dry.
Red wines: REFOSCO dal peduncolo rosso ( red peduncle), CABERNET Saudignon, MERLOT

PROSECCO DOC Fizzing version, Sparkling Brut version and 'Sur-Lie'(naturally in bottle refermented) version
Place of origin: Caneva, ‘low terrace’ vineyard
Grapes harvest: September 14-18
Description: dry taste and rightly acid, it presents light notes of flowers and green apple
Recommended matchings: very pleasant between meals and as aperitif, it goes well with starters and fish dishes. To serve at 10°-12° C.

Place of origin: Caneva, ‘high slope’ vineyard
Grapes harvest: September 26-30
Description: soft red wine, well bodied, harmonic, rightly tannic.
Recommended matchings: for whole meal, very good with red meat, game, mature cheese. To serve at 16°-18° C.

Place of origin: Caneva, ‘high slope’ vineyard
Grapes harvest: September 12-15
Description: intense ruby-red colour with purple reflexions, dry, soft, lightly tannic, full bodied
Recommended matchings: with game, spiced roasts, hard cheese. To serve at 16°-18° C. 

The Bruno Casagrande farm wants facilitate to the maximum its appreciators also
with the direct sale in the farm, guarantee of genuineness, freshness and best price

The farm shop is open to the public
Tuesday and Wednesday 8.30-12.30 Thursday and Friday 14.30-18.30 Saturday 9.00-13.00



CANEVA 33070 PN,
Loc.Fiaschetti via Pasubio 19 tel.0434-779066 fax.0434-779619  Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo.
Address for GPS: Via Col di Lana / loc.Fiaschetti


Come and visit us for a tasting of our products and for a visit to the vinery and the oil mill.

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