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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
Typical SEA-FOOD COOKING in Friuli Region
  The Friuli region is lucky in the sea-food cooking because its variegated coasts on the Mediterranean Sea provide a great variety of species which are considered typical: the deep sea white fish (Turbot, Mullet, Sole…) and blue fish (Mackerel, Mullet, Pilchard, Anchovy…), the lagoon fish (Sea-Bass, Sea-Bream…), the salted-sweet water fish (Eel, Perch-bass…) without considering Crustaceans and Clams of sea and of lagoon. 
 An other element to keep present by the lovers of fish cooking is the very short distance(about 5o km) which lies from the coasts to the more populous and of the interesting for tourists localities of the region, where therefore can be daily served very fresh fish.
 Rimandiamo alla relativa pagina di questo sito l’elencazione e rappresentazione dettagliata delle specie ittiche più tipiche delle acque salate della regione (vedi).

  As all the maritime regions, the recipes of the sea-food cooking of the Friuli are numerous and often similar to the ones of the other regions overlooking the Adriatic Sea.   We indicate in this page the more interesting dishes both for the local cooking ways and because we talk about fishes, shellfishes and crustaceans typical of the region.
  We remember that in Friuli we have 4 sea-food dishes very typical which here only we name, being everyone of its well presented in a single page (CUCINA section):
- the Brodetto in the three variations of Marano, Grado, Trieste
- the Mixed minute fish fry
- the Risotto of Marano

- the ‘Bisato in speo’ (Eel on the spit)

  Among the other several dishes, we have (underlineing the more traditional ones):

Sarde in saòr (Pilchard with herbs).
Boiled small Octopus salad. 
Boiled Crabs and Female Crabs


Sauté grilled and from Trieste
Razor-shells and Mussels. 
Baked au gratin Scallop and Clams. 

FIRST COURSE (in addition
to Risotto above mentioned): 

Risottos with Crostuceans,
Shellfishes, Goby and Eel,
Spider Crab, Razor-shells, Scampi. 
Spaghetti with Mussels in white
sauce or with tomatoes,
Sardines, small Cuttlefishes and
Peas, Clams, ‘Peverasse’.

in addition to the Brodettos
and to the minute mixed fish fry
above mentioned):
Stewed, grilled Eel. 
Dried Salt Cod in white sauce. 
In salt, grilled, boiled Sea-Bass. 
Roast, baked, with butter
Grey Mullets. 
Au gratin, stewed Mussels. 
Mixed fish fry. 
Mixed fish grill
Spider Crabs in white sauce, from
Baked in foil Sea-Bream. 
Baked Turbot. 
Pilchards with oil and parsley. 
Sardines with herbs served
hot from the grill. 
‘Alla busara’, grilled, boiled, fried
Stewed, baked Mackerels. 
‘Alla mugnaia’ (coated with flour and
fried) and simply fried Sole. 
Backed (also in foil), fried Mullets.

  A great friulian chef in sea-food (among his regular customers also Ernest Hemingway): a good fish dish depends not so much by elaborated cooking methods and sauces as by the experience of the fisher in capturing the fish in the best moment of its growing and by the ability of the cook in conserving and, with caution, exalting the original taste.
  For this reason it is better that the people learns how to know which species of sea-fish are to eat in the various seasons, keeping in mind that the fishes proposed ‘out of season’ do not give good satisfaction on the table, as the fish which, frozen, comes from other parts of the world.

Where you can eat a very good sea-food dish in Friuli region

East Lagoon Zone

Holiday fish farm AI FIURI DE TAPO***° of Andrea & Ornella, GRADO 34073 GO, Valle Francamela (in the lagoon near Porto Buso / watertaxi), tel.347-5008284 340-9424141 / Cold and hot cooking with fish and shellfish directly bred or fished daily in the lagoon or in open sea / Open from April to October every and whole day

Restaurant Bar AL MORAR (meat**°° and fish***° cooking), AQUILEIA 33051 UD, Loc. Beligna tel./fax.0431-919340 / Home made cooking with the specialities: grilled meat and fish; habsburg dishes; home made bread and polenta; cured pork meats and wines of the own farm / Comfortable halls for groups and ceremonies / Large parking / Open all days, whole year 10-15/17.30-23,00

Restaurant Bar LA CAPANNINA***°, AQUILEIA 333051 UD, via Gemina 10 (roman port),
tel./fax.0431-91019  /  For the most part sea-food cooking (specialities: appetizers au gratin, scallops with montasio, risotto with mushrooms andlobsters, bake turbot…) / Doc Aquileia wines / Open: every day in summer, wednesday closed in winter

 West Lagoon Zone

Restaurant AI TRE CANAI**** of Giorgio Dal Forno, MARANO Lagunare 33050 UD, via Udine 36, tel.0431-67020  Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. / Sea-food ever very fresh (daily from the lagoon) cooked with recipes both traditional (beginning from the 'bisato in speo') and creative; homemade pasta and sweets / Room for banquets and ceremonies / Monday and tuesday closed
 Province of Pordenone

Restaurant Bar Hotel LA PERLA**°°, SESTO al Reghena 33070 PN, loc.Ramuscello via Ippolito Nievo 4/5 (on the Cordovado-San Vito road), tel.0434-684004 fax.0434-690756 / Special grilled meats and sea-food every day; Cold and hot fish appetizers; various types of homemade filled pasta; typical friulo-veneti dishes of meat and sea-food; classic and fantasy pizzas / Every day open (the evening in monday, tuesday, wednesday excepted)

Province of Udine 

Hotel COSTANTINI****, TARCENTO 33017 UD, loc.Collalto via Pontebbana 12, tel./fax.0432-792004-792372 / ’Guardians of the traditional friulan cooking’ of meat and sea-food, lightened and with fantasy, made with the best and rare regional typical produce; large choice of wines / Banqueting and catering services / Close sunday evening and Monday.

Province of Gorizia

Antica Trattoria ALLE VIOLE***°, Gradisca d'Isonzo 34072 GO, via Gorizia 44 (500 m at East of the town), tel.0481-93338 / Sea-food alltime very fresh (day by day from the lagoon of Marano) in traditional and creative kinds cooked by the chef and manager Giorgio Dal Forno of Restaurant Tre Canai (SEE file) in Marano Lagunare / Whole year open (tuesday closed))

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