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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
Typical dish of Friuli FRICO, fried cheese of Carnia



  The Frico is one of the seven more exclusive dishes of the Friuli region and a rarity in the world. Simple, vigorous, ready, if you want, in few minutes of cooking.

Born and ever traditional of the Carnia (mountain area of Friuli), the Frico in fact is made with fresh or seasoned cheese (Montasio or ‘Latteria’ cut in very thin slices or grated) fried with oil or butter. It is possible add to it vegetables (potatoes, first of all) which make it a complete and various (also in the flavours) food.

Cooking the Frico in the old fashioned way is truly pure art, but today to prepare home the Frico is very easy and fast thanks to vacuum-technique with which there are made packings of Frico (without any additive) just ready to the frying pan. You can find also vacuum-packings with precooked Frico, needing only to be heated up.


Variations in shape

In the COMMONshapeshape the Frico appears like a disk some millimetres thick and golden coloured, with a consistency which changes according the cooking time. Normally people serve it with light and soft ‘polenta’ (maize porridge). (foto 1)

CRUMBLY FRICO: fried in suspension in the oil, it is very savouring but, dietetically, the heaviest Frico. Also this one is to serve with polenta. (foto 2)

SOUFFLE’ or BALL-FRICO: thanks to the particular ability of the cook, it takes the shape of half-sphere empty inside; it contains less oil and is more soft and digestible. To accompanying with polenta preferably roasted. (foto 3)


Variations in contents

In the Frico people can add some components, as one want, vegetables in particular. In this case the cooking requests a special ability. In Friuli the more traditional (and often presents in the restaurants) variations are:

FRICO WITH POTATOES: it is the flag of the Carnia. It has a taste more delicate and is also softer and lighter. People accompany it with raw vegetables and, especially, with Carnia beans and onion. (foto 4)
This kind of Frico, if cooked in the old fashioned way (that is to say starting with raw potatoes and stirring continuously with experience for two hours), becomes a dish of high gastronomic level.
Normally is cooked in about twenty minutes using before boiled potatoes.

FRICO WITH ONION: absolutely it is the strongest and tastiest Frico. As a rule you can have it only if booking.

     A scenographic version is the '’cestino’ (little basket) or ‘ventaglio di frico’ (fan) ' obtained moulding a thin classic Frico in shape of little cup, into which people place a food.
  Original is the 'frico te scudiele' (bowl) created by Antico Leon d’Oro restaurant in Cividale del Friuli: it is a mixture of three differently seasoned cheeses and a little quantity of potatoes, which gets in the bowl perfect consistency, cooking and savour

 Where you can taste a very good Frico

In large part of typical Restaurants and Trattorias in the provinces of Udine and Pordenone, between which we recommend:

In the province of Pordenone

Holiday farm LUPO ALBERTO*°°° of D’Andrea Alberto Francesco, Vivaro 33099 PN, via Macillis 2, tel.0427-976088 fax.0427-976870  Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo.   / Cold and hot cooking / Accommodation in rooms: ever open / Sale of vegetables, fruit and by-products: from thursday to sunday 10.30-14.30/16.30-24 (See File)
Frico with mashed potatoes

Holiday farm AL RANCH-PIANCAVALLO*°°°, BUDOIA 33070 PN, loc.Dardago via Pedemontana occidentale 40, tel.0434-653047 / Cold and hot cooking typical of the western piedmont of Pordenone: open whole year (monday and tuesday closed) /Accommodation in rooms and in camper-area / Sale of live animals / Educational farm; guided visits; mini-zoo / Horse riding with open and covered ground
Frico with potatoes / Cheese on the hot plate

Holiday farm LA TORRE DEL FALCO**°° of Eredi Bianchi, SAN VITO al Tagliamento 33070 PN, loc. Prodolone, tel. 0434-80431 349-0776116  fax.0434-879013 / Hot cooking: in the evening from friday to sunday (in January closed) / Accommodation: ever open / Sale of vegetables, bottled and by measure wines, apple juice and winegar / Educational farm  
Frico with pears

Trattoria Bar VIGNA***°, Castelnovo del Friuli 33091 PN, borgo Vigna (near the church), tel.0427-90182   Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo.    / Homemade typical local cooking; Specialities: various kinds of game, salt cheese, exclusive local wines (also for sale) / Monday closed (See File)
Classic and with potatoes Frico

In the Carnia area

Holiday farm RANDIS*°°°, ARTA TERME 33022 UD, loc. Alzeri di Piano d'Arta, tel.329-2316254 fax.0433-2405  / The best dishes of Carnia cooking / Open 11-22.00 whole year (no-stop cooking in holidays) / Riding ground and school / Accommodation in rooms /
Frico with portatoes

Holiday farm MALGA PURA SCHENE WELDE*°°°, Ampezzo 33021 UD, loc. Passo Monte Pura, tel.0433-80599 339-7440818 / Cold and hot cooking typical of Carnia / Accommodation in rooms / Sale of cheeses and cured pork meats / Open every day from June to September (until 15 October if good weather) (See File)
Classic and with potatoes Frico

Holiday farm AL BORG**°°, PALUZZA 33026 UD, loc.Aip di Cleulis (2 km before Timau), tel.0433-779087 348-9684301 328-4616885 / Carnia typical cooking and special dishes with white and red meats / Children playground; Educational farm; Riding ground (also with ponies); Clothes accessories with felt wool made / Sale of honey / Open friday evening on booking, saturday and sunday 11-22.00.(See File) 

Restaurant Bar CARNIA DA MODESTO**°°, Tolmezzo 33028 UD, via della Vittoria 6 (beside Museum of Carnia and Touristic Office), tel.0433-2542 / Varied cooking proposed, thanks to family management, with care and warmth; recipes of Carnia, fantasy dishes, pizzas for young people, all made with local produce; daily and touristic menu; thematic dinners / Room for groups / Open 7 -24.00 (sunday closed)
Classic and with potatoes Frico; Little baskets with cabbage and bacon

In the northern province of Udine

Holiday farm I BENANDANTI***° of Martina & Tancredi, Treppo Grande 33010 UD, loc. Borgobello via Case sparse 1 (road toward Buja) tel.339-6705386  392-8034546  / In a typical country house , alone between vineyards and woods on the hills, traditional and innovative cooking whole homemade with own organic produce / Minizoo (donkeys) / Sale of wine, honey, apples and apple juice / Friday 17-23.00, saturday sunday and public holidays 11-23.00
Classic, with potatoes, with pumpkin 

Holiday farm DA BASAN*°°° of Pividori Massimo, NIMIS (33045 UD) loc. Cloz 17, tel.0432-790609 347-7359982     Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo.   / Cold and hot cooking / Sale of cured pork meat and typical local wines / Open 16-24.00 (wednesday, June and October closed) 

Holiday farm DAUR DE LUNE*°°°, FAEDIS 33040 UD, loc.Casali De Luca, tel.0432-728231 338-2532230 Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. / Completely homemade cooking with fantasy suggested by thr area produce (Refosco, strawberries…): paste, gnocchi, risotti, orzotti; whole-pork, dry soft creamy sweet / Sale of vegetables, fruit, by measure wine / Wednesday and thursday 14-21.00 (cold cooking); friday and saturday 16-22.00 (also hot cooking in the evening), sunday 10-22.00
Frico with potatoes

Holiday farm MALGA QUARNAN*°°° of Luciano Feragotto, 33013 UD Gemona del Friuli, loc. Sella Foredòr, Tel.0432-974022 / Cold and hot cooking and Sale of cheese and cured pork meats: from 15 June to 15 September every day, in the rest of the year only sunday (from January to March totaly closed)   (See File)
Fantasy Frico

Holiday farm NARDUZZI*°°° of Roberto & Sandra, Colloredo di Monte Albano 33010 UD, via I.Nievo 65 tel.0432-889614   fax.0432-889022  / Cold and hot (only at noon) homemade cooking with own pork and beef meats and cheeses / Sale of produce / Open: monday tuesday wednesday 9-13.00, thursday friday saturday 9-13.00/16-20.00 (See File)
Crumbly Frico

Holiday farm AL TULIN**°° of Colomba Ennio, MONTENARS 33010 UD, borgo Isola 51 (464 m slm), tel.0432-972870  348-5808397  340-2274311   / Hot cooking with monthly menu, own cheeses and cured pork meats / Open friday and saturday evening, sunday 10-22.00 from October to beginning July (reservation appreciated)
Crumbly Frico and with potatoes

Trattoria Bar ALLA VALANGHE**°°, NIMIS 33045 UD, borgo San Gervasio (at ancient church’s side), tel.0432-797404   Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo.   / Friulan gastronomic specialities: our renowned Mixed Grill, Pasticcio and Gnocchi, Frico, Wild boar salmì, Beef sliced raw meat; Special home sweets; typical local and regional wines /  Open 10.30-15.30/18-24.00, monday closed (see file)

Holiday farm LA RONCOLINA**°°, MORUZZO 33030 UD, Loc.Brazzacco sup. via Pietro Savorgnan di Brazzà 2, tel./fax.0432-672044,  / Friulan cooking with the most authentic recipes and the most rich tastes, thanks to the careful selection of ingredients / Room for groups; tennis; sale of typical produce (honey) / Accommodation in bedrooms / Open in meal times from tuesday to sunday from June to September, friday saturday and sunday from October to May
Frico with potatoes

Restaurant AI  9 CASTELLI***°, FAEDIS 33040 UD, via Udine 63, tel.0432-728959  338-8555155, /  We love cooking with a touch of additional taste in our traditional and creative dishes, thanks to exclusive local produce; homemade pasta and bread; goose specialities: aromatic breast and speck / Thematic dinners and cultural events / Two rooms, reserved room, terrace, garden
Frico with potatoes and with various herbs

Holiday farm MALGA CONFIN of Ennio Colomba, 33010 Venzone, loc.Confin-Val Venzonassa, Tel.0432-972870  348-5808397  340-2274311 / Cold and hot typical cooking / Accommodation in rooms with 4-6 beds / Sale of mountain cheeses / Open from June to September (EN-DE)

In the middle province of Udine

Trattoria Bar AI CACCIATORI**°° of Zanon Marcello; C. sas, REMANZACCO 33047 UD, loc.Cerneglons via Pradamano 28, tel.0432-670132 / The most traditional friulan dishes in all courses; speciality: Frico soufflè 'dei Cacciatori'; Game from mountains and from plain; other home dishes in rotation / Monday and August closed (see map)
Frico soufflè

Holiday farm ALLA COLLINA** °° of Dugaro Giorgio, CIVIDALE DEL FRIULI, 33043 UD, loc.Fornalis Strada dei boschi 4 (2 km verso Prepotto), tel.0432-730769  346-8559777 Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. /Hot cooking (homemade): saturday and sunday 10-22.00 or on booking; Cold cooking from wednesday to sunday / Sale of wines by measure, vegetables, fruit (vedi scheda)
Frico with potatoes 'dry '; Frico with onion and polenta

Restaurant Osteria ANTICO LEON D’ORO**°°, CIVIDALE del Friuli 33043 UD, Borgo di Ponte 24, tel.0432-731100 393-9144083 / A century-old place and a unique family style for giving more vigour and more freshness to the traditional tastes, ever with the most natural local produce / Historical court with summer pergola; parking at few meters / Open the whole day, closed Wednesday. Frico with potatoes and with leek / Frico 'te scudiele'

Holiday farm CASCINA LAVARONI**°° of Marcello Lavaroni, BUTTRIO 33042 UD, Borgo Fumo via Peruzzi 24/26 tel.0432-683161 fax 0432-673210 / Cold cooking: from tuesday to thursday 16-21.00; cold and hot cooking: friday 16-22.00, saturday and sunday 10-13.30/16-21.30 (specialities: risotto, rabbit, fasui cu la crodie...) / Sale of typical bottled and by measure wines / Accommodation in rooms
Frico with potatoes, onion, bacon; threaded small cubes of Montasio

Holiday farm DRIUTTI ALESSANDRO**°°, Manzano 33044 UD, loc.San Lorenzo via Muraglia 7, tel.0432-740832 333-7797255 fax.0432-937374 / 5  Colli Orientali wines (Picolit, Pignolo...) and 6 Grave in bottle and b.i.b.; Fizzy rosè, Sparkling extradry; grape juice in b.i.b.; maize; barley / Cold and hot cooking / Open monday-friday 16-21.30, saturday and sunday 10-21.30 (wednesday, January and September closed)

Holiday farm RONCHI DI S.EGIDIO**°° of Micheloni Daniele & Tiziana, MANZANO 33044 UD, loc. Poggiobello 20, tel./fax.0432-750171  /  Typical friulan cooking homemade with armony and simplicity in a millenary walled court / Open: thursday and friday19-24.00, saturday and sunday 11-24.00 (September and October closed)
Frico with potatoes 

Holiday farm RONCO DELLO SCHIOPPETTINO**°°°, Prepotto 33040 UD, Loc Casali Brischis 70, tel.0432-713410 Hot cooking with the most tasty friulan homemade dishes, beginning from the pasta; special goose, duck, rabbit / Splendid view of the Judrio valley / Open saturday and sunday at meal times (friday only for groups on booking); 7 January-28 February and July-August closed
Frico with potatoes and also Soufflè

Osteria SOLDER**°°, CORNO di Rosazzo 33040 UD, via Gramogliano 14, tel./fax. 0432-759152 331-4121777 / / The traditional friulan dishes enriched with an accurate choice of area produce and with the genuineness of the homemade cooking / Summer garden, panoramic view of the Rosazzo Abbey and valley / Sale of bottled and by measure Doc C.O.F. wines / Open: 11.30-14.00/18.30-24.00; closed: monday (monday-thursday January-February and October-November)
Frico with potatoes 

In the southern province of Udine

Holiday farm BRAIDANOVA*°°° of Zucchiatti family, Porpetto 33050, via Madonna Missionaria 7, tel./fax. 0431-60025 / Cold cooking, Frico, Cooked Salami: from thursday to saturday 16.30-21.00, sunday 10-13.00/16.30-21.00 ( August-September and 22 December-7 January closed) / Sale of bottled and by measure wines: ever open, sunday closed / Touristic accommodation ever open

Holiday farm MORSUT*°°° Luca, RUDA 33050 UD, loc. San Nicolò via Mondina 5, Tel.0431-998929   347-7518985  Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. / Cold dishes: from wednesday to sunday10-12.30/16-19.30; also hot cooking (pork specialities and grill) from friday to sunday 10-24.00 / Direct sale of wines, cured pork meats, jams, honey, fruit: ever open (EN)  (See File)
Fricowith potatoes

Holiday farm ZAGLIA*°°°, PRECENICCO 33050 UD, via Crescenzia 10 Ss 14, tel.0431-510320 Fax. 0431-517677  /  Cold and hot cooking / Sale of Doc Latisana wines by measure and in bottle / Large room and services for groups / / Open: even (monday closed) 

Holiday farm ZORAT*°°° Adriano, TERZO di Aquileia 33050 UD, via Malborghetto  SS 14, tel.0431-373013  338-4623086  / Cold and hot cooking with Low Friuli typical dishes (every day a different soup and every week a new special dish) and own wines: 10-14.00/15-23.00 (monday and tuesday, July and August closed) / Sale of bottled and by measure wines
Classic Frico

Trattoria Bar AL CACCIATORE**°°, PALAZZOLO dello Stella 33056 UD, loc. Piancada via Casali Paludo sinistra 9, tel.0431-58152,  / In addition to all game specialites, we ever prepare our classic thematic menu: of the fisher, of the hunter, friulan, mountain, young... / Wednesday closed
Frico with leek

Osteria ALLE RISORGIVE**°°, Codroipo 33033 UD, via delle Acacie 2, tel./fax.0432-904491 Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. / Typical friulan cooking with seasonal produce and a selection of the best local cured meats and cheeses; Specialities: boletus-chestnut soup, potatoes frico, wholemeal polenta, musèt e brovade, tripe, gulasch, game; native friulan wines /  Typical building / Monday closed
Frico with potatoes

Holiday farm MULINO DELLE TOLLE**°° of Bertossi G. & C., Bagnaria Arsa 33050 UD, loc. Casabianca via Julia 1 SS352, tel. 0432-924723 Fax.-928113 / Hot cooking: typical and creative dishes all with meats of own breeding chain / Open: 10-14.30/16.30-23 from thursday (wednesday in May-August) to sunday / Sale of typical wines / Touristic accommodation in bedrooms
Frico with potatoes 

Trattoria Bar AGRISTELLA***°, BERTIOLO 33032 UD, loc.Sterpo via Piave 16, tel.0432-917229 / Friulan typical cooking with specialities: grilled meats, goose, trout in various kinds / Family management; large country-style room and open space on the bank of Stella river; children playground / Open 10-24.00 (in winter from tuesday to thursday only 10-18.00), monday closed
Classic Frico

Trattoria DA BEPO***°, CAMINO al Tagliamento 33030 UD, loc. Bugnins nuovo via P.Amalteo 2, tel.0432-919013 /  Friulan cooking with the specialities: goose, eel and fine meats; rare cured meats and cheeses; thematic dinners / Rooms for groups; takeaway meals / Open from wednesday to friday 17-24.00, saturday and sunday 11-24.00 (other days only for groups on booking)
The true Frico cu lis strisulis, with potatoes and with onion (asparagus in season)

Restaurant Ancient Inn with accommodation PRINCIPATO DI ARIIS***°, RIVIGNANO, loc. Ariis via Chiesa 2, tel.0432-775008-773717  335-8252423  fax.0432-774715, / Typical local dishes with fine meats and game, prepared with fantasy in historical building; room for groups / Open in meal times, sunday 10-24.00; tuesday evening and saturday noon closed
Classic Frico

Restaurant Bar ALLA TAVERNETTA DA ALIGI***°,  PORPETTO 33050 UD, via Matteotti 16 tel.0431-60201  /  The best foods of ancient lands born from the sea (also the white truffle) proposed with careful and refinement in traditional and creative recipes; large choice of wines; in February the 'Pork lovers' festival' / Bar times: 8-15.00/18-24.00; wednesday and sunday evening closed  (See File)
Frico-Fan with polenta and lard

Where you can buy precooked Frico

LATTERIA DI BANNIA of the Farm Rusalen, FIUME VENETO 33080 PN, loc. Bannia via Manzoni 88, tel.348-6699546  fax.0434-630657 / Open in Food shop times   (See File)
Frico with potatoes, natural or with speck, vacuum-packed

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