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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
Touristic Guide and map of PREPOTTO in Friuli region
The territory of the Prepotto municipal district represents one of the pearls of the landscape and the culture of the Friuli region, and particularly of the Natisone Valleys, of which constitutes the southern part.
    The fame of Prepotto comes above all from the Sanctuary-fortress of Castelmonte (where every year dozens of thousand of pilgrims arrive to venerate the Black Virgin) and from the Schioppettino red wine, one of the most appreciate native friulian wines, just typical of this ground.
  But in Prepotto they have a great cultural interest also some typical hamlets and several ancient chapels scattered on the hills. There is also a castle.
 Prepotto is located at 7 km South-East from Cividale del Friuli and 7 km from Corno di Rosazzo.
  The village extends along the North-West bank of the Judrio torrent, facing the Slovenija and the Dolegna del Collio, municipal district of the Goriza province, located on the South-East bank.
  The territory is characterized at South by low hills, covered of vineyards, and by higher hills, rich of woods, at North.
Into details, the historical buildings of Prepotto are:
- the Sanctuary-fortress of Castelmonte: it is a fortified monastery on the highest point (610 metres a.s.l.) of the piedmont crest starting from Cividale and continuing towards the Slovenija. In the actual shape it is not less than 800 years old, because it has not been damaged since 1175 a.C. There is venerated a Black Virgin, traditional portrayal of Virgin Mary in the Middle-Europe
- Mels’ Castle at North of Albana hamlet, of 1100 (enlarged in 1500)
- Villa Grillo (1600) in Albana
- building with courtyard of 1900 at Podresca hamlet
- ancient Chapels (almost all with portico, little bell open tower, apse and often with frescos and wooden altar) at Albana (S.Spirito, 1400); Centa (SS.Pietro e Paolo, 1400); Chiazzacco (S.Pietro, 1400); Cialla (SS.Ermacora e Fortunato, 1300); Codromaz (S.Tommaso, 1400); at the North of Prepotischis (Pieve dei Tre Re, 1400); over Oborza, on the border with San Leonardo municipal district (San Nicolò, 1400)
- typical hamlets with houses built with stone and wood: Berda, Centa, Codromaz, Cosson, Oborza, Podresca
- interesting also a cave and ruins of roman wall at North of the Cladrecis hamlet

- from Cras until Podresca very picturesque the stream of the Judrio

  You can admire the valley and the hills of Prepotto from the ‘pulpit’ of San Giovanni (chapel of 1500) over Bordon hamlet; from Mernicco on the hill of parish church and, at last, from higher Scriò (both hamlets of Dolegna del Collio); only the valley, whole, is observable from S.Spirito chapel over Albana

Il vino rosso Schioppettino

  The Schioppettino red wine is a robust red wine, to drink at least two years old.
  It has a particular taste of blackberry and bilberry.
  The Schioppettino has its ideal habitat in the ground of Prepotto, therefore it has special production specifications and the promotion of the local Producers Association (see
  Obviously in Prepotto there are produced also the other typical wines of Colli Orientali del Friuli.

Where to stay for sleeping in Prepotto

Holiday Farm AL VECCHIO GELSO**°° of Stanig F. & F., PREPOTTO 33040 UD, via Albana 44, tel.0432-713234 / Accommodation in 6 rooms with 1-2 beds (in winter closed) / Cold and hot cooking from thursday to sunday 10-24.00 / Direct sale of Doc C.O.F. wines in bottles

Holiday Farm RONCO DELLO SCHIOPPETTINO**°°°, Prepotto 33040 UD, Loc Casali Brischis 70, tel.0432-713410 / Accommodation in 2 bedrooms (in winter closed) / Hot cooking in Weekend 

Where to eat typical food at Prepotto

Holiday Farm AL VECCHIO GELSO**°° of Stanig F. & F., PREPOTTO 33040 UD, Via Albana 44, tel.0432-713234  / Cold and hot cooking (specialities: white meats and gubana) from thursday to sunday 10-24.00 / Accommodation in bedrooms (in winter closed) / Direct sale of Doc C.O.F. wines in bottles

Holiday Farm LE BETULLE**°°; PREPOTTO 33040 UD, Via Cialla 58 (4 km before the Sanctuary of Castelmonte), tel.0432-709805 / Cold and hot typical homemade cooking / Areas for campers and roulottes with services / Children playground, minizoo, garden / Accommodation in bedrooms / Open only for midday meal in friday, saturday, sunday.  (DE)

Holiday Farm RONCO DELLO SCHIOPPETTINO**°°°, Prepotto 33040 UD, Loc. Casali Brischis 70, tel.0432-713410 / Hot cooking with the most savoury typical friulian dishes (specialities: homemade pasta, goose, duck, rabbit) / Special view over the Judrio valley / Open saturday and sunday noon and evening (friday for groups on booking); 7 January-28 February, July and August closed

Where to buy typical wines in Prepotto 

Winery MARINIG VALERIO***°, Prepotto 33040 UD, via Brolo 41, tel./fax.0432-713012  / The Schioppettino di Prepotto, Picolit, Verduzzo friulano, Sparkling brut and classic C.O.F. wines: Friulano, Chardonnay, Pinot bianco, Sauvignon, Merlot, Refosco pr, Pignolo, Cabernet franc and the red grape blend Biel Cur / Direct sale in working time

Winery STANIG F.LLI****, PREPOTTO 33040 UD, via Albana 44, tel.0432-713234  / 10 Doc C.O.F. wines in bottles (Schioppettino di Albana); Winery certified MTV and awarded 5 Leaves / Accommodation (in winter closed) and Cooking in Holiday Farm Al Vecchio Gelso from thursday to sunday / Visits to the winery with tasting for groups / Holidey Farm Al Vecchio gelso


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