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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
Touristic Map and Guide of the town of SPILIMBERGO in Friuli region

(Europe - Italia - Friuli Venezia Giulia region - province of Pordenone – Zona Homogeneous Zone of Spilimbergo and Tre Valli of Arzino, Cosa and Tramonti)

 The town of Spilimbergo, founded by Patriarch of Aquileia towards 1000 a.C., had its maximum splendour from 1200 to 1400 thanks to the wise administration of german feudal lords: in this period there were built the monuments and the urban structure that also today we can admire, all brought again to the ancient splendour, after centuries of neglect.

  Very interesting , beyond the splendid medieval circular urban fabric of the city, are
- the two tower-gates;
- the Duomo of 1300 in romanesque-gothic style, with even 7 rose windows, a majestic interior with a big organ, the crypt, frescos, sculptures, miniatures;
- the Castello ‘di sotto’ (Castle at below), constituted by a circular row of buildings (among which the ‘painted palace’ with frescos of 144 on the whole front) upon a rock spur (connected to the square of the Duomo by a little bridge) rising vertically on the valley of Tagliamento river;
- the Castello ‘di sopra’ (castle at above) with the below votive little Church;
- the S.Pantaleone church, in the town centre, which, in the simple franciscan structure, preserve one of the more precious wooden choir in the region.

  The town of Spilimbergo is today famous in the whole world for its artistic crafts of MOSAIC, that here excels from all continents. Both for the several firms and for the activity of the Mosaicists’ Friuli High School, which attracts students from all continents.

Touristic services for the Visitors of Spilimbergo

Recommended accommodation in Spilimbergo

Hotel Restaurant Wine-bar OSTERIA DA AFRO***°, SPILIMBERGO via Umberto 1° 14 33097 PN, tel./fax.0427-2264 / Accommodation in 8 bed-rooms / Open all year round / Added Restaurant and Wine open every day

Recommended Refreshment in Spilimbergo

Holiday farm STEVA DEL MARCHI *°°°, Spilimbergo 33097 PN, loc.Tauriano via Tramontina 1,  tel./fax.0427-94203  349-4154216 /  At Spilimbergo exit of the Ss Cimpello-Sequals, the farm is the best point to taste cured meats, cheese and the local dishes with quality red and white meats and homemade pasta / Tasting and direct sale of own Doc and IGT wines in bottles and b.i.b. / Open 9-19.30 from monday to friday, 9-12.30/14.30-19.30 saturday and public holidays 

Trattoria Osteria AL BACHERO **°°, SPILIMBERGO 33097 PN, via Pilacorte 5 (centro), tel.0427-2317, / Special Baccalà (with 2 recipes) and Trippe with polenta; soft salted cheese, Orzo e fagioli, Polenta pasticciata, Frico, Salame in aceto, Spezzatino di manzo / Sunday closed

Restaurant Wine-bar Hotel OSTERIA DA AFRO***°, SPILIMBERGO via Umberto 1° 14 33097 PN, tel./fax.0427-2264 / Typical local and regional products, Wines (300 labels) and cooking (thursday boiled meat, in autumn-winter ‘Musetteria da Afro’, friulian truffle) / Every day open

Recommended Producers with direct sale at Spilimbergo

Farm LE RIVE of Raffl Manfred, tel./fax.0427-41305   338-2941977  / Direct sale of 7 kinds of Apple, Apple juice and Honey in a kiosk at Istrago of Spilimbergo on the Ss 552 road (3 km from Spilimbergo toward Maniago); included sale with tasting of Wines produced by another local Farm / Open in working time. 

, Spilimbergo 33097 PN, loc.Tauriano via Tramontina 1, tel./fax.0427-94203 349-4154216 / In the particular ecosystem of the Magredi, the Farm since 30 years is producing with enthsiasm quality Doc and Igt wines in bottles and b.i.b.: 4 red and 3 white wines, sparkling extra dry, grappa from pinot / Sale 9-19.30 from monday to friday, 9-12.30/14.30-19.30 saturday (Holiday farm refreshment)

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