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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
Map and touristic Guide of AQUILEIA, roman city and mother of the Friuli Patriarchate
(Europe - Italy – Friuli Venezia Giulia region – province of Udine – homogeneous area of Aquileia and Cervignano)
Aquileia has been the great mother of the Friuli region: 2000 years ago (until 400 a.C.) as centre of reclamation and settlement of the friulan low flat land, and also irradiation point of the Latin civilization (third town of the Roman empire); from 600 to 1400 a.C. as spiritual and then also political capital of the Patriarchate in which the friulan people has found unity and identity.
But also today Aquileia, thanks to the monumental and artistic heritage and thanks to the generosity of its soil, has a principal role in maintaining and diffusing spirit and traditions of the Friuli region.
A visit in Aquileia can give you a significant enrichment both for the large documentation of the ancient friulan civilization preserved in two big museums, the civil-roman one and the religious-christian one, and for the typology of the pre-lagoon area with its wide spaces and precious produce.

  For visiting Aquileia half a day is not enough, because it is sufficient only for a fast view of the main historical buildings: Christian basilica (free entry every day 9-16.30); Roman river port, forum, road, funeral monument, cemetery; Habsburg historical centre (‘borgo Brunner’).

   At least another half a day should be dedicated to the crypts and to the rich museums: the roman one in the centre and the Christian at North (‘borgo Monastero’)
(Crypt with frescos and crypt with excavations in the basilica: monday-sunday and public holidays 9-16.30, € 3; bell-tower closed in winter / Roman national archaeological museum: monday 8.30-14.00, tuesday-sunday 8.30-19.30; € 4 / Early-Christian Museum: monday-sunday 8.30-14.00; free entry).  

 Another day, also divisible, is instead necessary to visiting whole municipal area where you could admire: historical buildings (manor-house of 1100 a.C. in Borgo Pacco, typical and historical houses at S.Zili and Belvedere, chapels, ‘casoni’) and modern buildings (winery with roman gabled roof; draining plants at Pantiera); pleasure boats in the shipyard and sailing along the river; the unlimited countryside in the drained areas 4° Partita and Anfora; a fragment of the very ancient forest at Due Leoni; the unique, in the municipal area, and picturesque natural little hill at San Marco, with a chapel. One of the touristic opportunities less known of Aquileia are the banks which skirt both the broad of the Natissa river from historical centre until the sea (3 km) and the bank along whole the coast of the lagoon (km 6+3): a walk over them (in loneliness) will allow to you a wide view both on the country and on the lagoon with its little island and ‘casoni’, often very near to the mainland.

In summer there is active a public boat carrying passengers from Aquileia to Grado.
Where to buy typical produce in Aquileia

  The area produce acquire from the original sea bed, drained only 100 years ago, a particular sapidity, above all in the wines and the vegetables. In the northern area there is an acclaimed distillery. You should remember that in whole municipal area (Morona, Colombara, Beligna, 4° Partita) several farms are ever open for direct sale of their produce.


SCAREL ANDREA (Holiday farm Bacco Ubriaco), Aquileia 33051 UD, via IV Partita 22/A, tel.0431-919655 333-3879639 bacco Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. / Typical local wines by measure: Cabernet franc, Refosco,Sauvignon, Muller Thurgau, Verduzzo amabile…/ Open from wednesday to friday 16-22.00 (cold cooking only), saturday and sunday 10-22.00; August closed (see map)
Holiday farm MORONA, Aquileia loc. Morona via Julia Augusta 89 Ss 352 (North area), tel.0431-919116   333-6360201 / Direct sale of typical local wines on measure and in bottle (Merlot, Refosco pr, Cabernet franc, Friulano, Chardonnay): ever open (see map)

Recommended Restaurants
  For 400 years Aquileia belonged to Habsburg Empire, therefore some restaurants have ever in the menu (besides the typical friulan and italian dishes) the more known middle-european recipes as wienerschnitzel and gulasch. From September to November in some Restaurants of the municipal area take place the interesting gastronomic event ‘A tavola con gli antichi romani’ (To have a meal with ancient Romans), which presents the same dishes prepared by the people in the town 2000 years ago.

Restaurant Bar AL MORAR (meat**°° and fish***° cooking), AQUILEIA 33051 UD, Loc. Beligna tel./fax.0431-919340 / Home made cooking with the specialities: grilled meat and fish; habsburg dishes; home made bread and polenta; cured pork meats and wines of the own farm / Comfortable halls for groups and ceremonies / Large parking / Open all days, whole year 10-15/17.30-23,00 (see map)

Restaurant Bar LA CAPANNINA***°, AQUILEIA 333051 UD, via Gemina 10 (roman port),
tel./fax.0431-91019  /  For the most part sea-food cooking (specialities: appetizers au gratin, scallops with montasio, risotto with mushrooms andlobsters, bake turbot…) / Doc Aquileia wines / Open: every day in summer, wednesday closed in winter (see map)

Restaurant Hotel PATRIARCHI ****, Aquileia, via Julia Augusta 12 (Ss 352), tel.0431-919596 (historical building)

 Holiday Farm with cooking in Aquileia
Cold and hot cooking

Holiday farm BACCO UBRIACO of Andrea Scarel, AQUILEIA 33051 UD via IV Partita 22/A, tel.0431-919655 333-3879639 Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. / Cold and hot (habsburg) cooking / Direct by measure sale of Doc e Igt by wines / Open from wednesday to friday 16-22.00 (cold cooking only), saturday and sunday 10-22.00; August closed  (see map)

Cold cooking

Holiday farm MORONA, Aquileia loc. Morona via Julia Augusta 89 – Ss 352 (at North), tel.0431-919116  333-6360201 / Cold cooking and direct sale of wines (by measure and in bottle) / Open from April to beginning September: in the afternoon from monday to friday, whole day saturday and sunday) (see map)

Where to sleep in Aquileia


Hotel Ristorante Pizzeria Bar AQUILA NERA**°°, AQUILEIA 33051 UD, piazza Garibaldi 5, tel./fax. 0431-91045, /

Hotel Restaurant PATRIARCHI****, Aquileia, via Julia Augusta 12 (Ss 352) tel.0431-919596


Holiday farms

Holiday farm B&B VILLA ASIOLA***°, Villa Vicentina-Aquileia loc.Borgo Pacco 12 (4 km from the centre of Aquileia)  tel.fax.0431-969453   339-5809110
Accommodation in 10 rooms with 1-5 beds and in 1 apartment with kitchen (seigneurial building of 1100 a.C.); middle-european breakfast: from Saint Joseph (19 March) to All Saint's Day (1 November) (DE) / Hall, room and outside spaces to let with catering service for banquets, parties and meetings.

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