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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
Guide and touristic map of NIMIS Ramandolo Torlano Cergneu in Friuli

The municipal district of Nimis offers some interesting attractions:

On the landscape level: the large valley of Nimis, limited on the sides by two lines of low hills and dominated at North by the impressive wall of the La Bernadia mount; 

On the naturalistic level: the Vigant Cave, the gorge of the Cornappo river, the woody valley of Cergneu little village;

On the historical-architectural level: two of the most ancient churches of the Friuli Region, Ss.Gervasio e Protasio and S.Giorgio ; several typical stone houses ;

On the gastronomic level:
- exclusive singularities, beginning from the white sweet wine Ramandolo, which is a kind of the Verduzzo cultivar and which only here gains unique organoleptic properties that are more improved with particular methods of withering and ageing;
- the Refosco red wine, robust but mellow;

- the river trout cooked in many kinds (foto Al Torrente);
- the grilled meats dish (foto Alla valanghe);
- the pork salami cooked under the cinders.

Nimis has an excellence also with regard to the artistic craft: creation and restoration of iron and copper sculptures and objects (foto Studio creativo Comelli)


The places that you should visit

- Nimis: just in the village centre, we indicate the solemn parish church directly and completely built by the inhabitants with local stones in the 50’s years / at East, in San Gervasio quarter: the very ancient (1100 a.C.) romanic church of the Ss.Gervasio e Protasio / at South-West: the San Mauro chapel (1400); at the end of the village, upon a small hill, the sanctuary of the Madonna delle pianelle (1600) and, in front, an old brick furnace, now renovated.

- Ramandolo: the San Giovanni Battista chapel (1500) with a nice view of the Nimis valley; the steep wineyards which produce the typical local wine Ramandolo ( protected by DOCG mark); some wineries…

- Torlano: typical houses and an old bridge over the Cornappo river, of which we signal the little but picturesque gorge, a little more at North.

- Cergneu: nice valley, rich of interesting aspects, beginning from the natural environment covered with woods, then, the castle ruins (1100), S. Maria Maddalena (1300) and Santissima Trinità (1400) typical chapels, an ancient bridge, typical and original houses, the San Giorgio chapel (400-1900, but probably built upon a celtic temple), karstic phenomenons at Monteprato, / we suggest the panoramic route: Cergneu-Nongruella-Pecolle-Monteprato-Vallemontana (12 km: with a final stretch, full of charme, in the woods until the San Giorgio chapel); in the valley there are also other cycle-pedestrian paths toward the surroundings peaks and the valleys of Taipana, Attimis, Savorgnano.

- The Cave of Vigant: you can reach it from Ramandolo on two ways: going to Sedilis, La Bernadia top (monument-lighthouse), Villanova (renowned caves) and then Vigant (case tipiche) / Or going to Tamar (typical houses), Borgo di mezzo, Chialminis (view), Sturma, Villanova and at last Vigant. The cave is entirely visitable only by expert people, but the entrance and the first part merit anyway a visit.

  In the good season (April-October) it is easy to observe the manoeuvres of several paragliders starting from the top of the La Bernadia mount.


Where to stay for sleeping in Nimis

Classic Inns and Hotels

Hotel Trattoria Bar FRIULI**°°, NIMIS 33045 UD, loc. Torlano via del Ponte 2, tel.0432-790203  fax.0432-790655  /  Overlooking internal court and the Cornappo river, 15 rooms with 1-2 beds; all comforts; tv, telephone

Holiday farms with bed rooms

Holiday farm I COMELLI**°° of Comelli Alessandro, NIMIS (33045 UD) largo Diaz 8, tel.0432-790685 fax.0432-797158 / Accommodation in 7 bedrooms with bath, tv sat; baby sitting on booking; bicycles / ***FVG / Open whole year (EN)

Where to eat typical dishes at Nimis
In the municipal area there are about twenty restaurants, both classic ones and holiday farms, present in the centre and in all villages too.

Classic restaurants and Trattorias in Nimis

Osteria AL TORRENTE**°°, NIMIS 33045 U, loc. Cergneu via 12 Dicembre 44 (at the end of the village), tel.0432-790236  339-6976272 /  Specialities: the trout (also on sale) of our breeding that we prepare ever with 10 recipes;  the crayfish in summer, the salami under cinders in winter (on booking) / Mixed meats grill and classic friulan dishes / Bar open 9-13.30/16-20.30 (23.00 in summer), cooking at noon and evening (monday and from the end of September to the end of October closed) (see file)

Trattoria Bar ALLA VALANGHE**°°, NIMIS 33045 UD, borgo San Gervasio (at ancient church’s side), tel.0432-797404   Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo.   / Friulan gastronomic specialities: our renowned Mixed Grill, Pasticcio and Gnocchi, Frico, Wild boar salmì, Beef sliced raw meat; Special home sweets; typical local and regional wines /  Open 10.30-15.30/18-24.00, chiuso lunedì. (see file)

Holiday farms with cooking in Nimis

Holiday farm I COMELLI**°°, NIMIS (33045 UD) Largo Diaz 8, tel.0432-790685 fax.0432-797158 / Cold and hot cooking with the classic friulan dishes and local specialities: thursday and friday 17-24.00, saturday and sunday 11-24.00 / Sale of typical local wines and honey / Accommodation in bedrooms (EN)

Holiday farm MERLINO of Fam. Rottaro, NIMIS (33045 UD) via Carducci 47, tel.347-8931342  /  Cold cooking (…fantasy snacks and cooked cured pork meats) / Sale of typical local wines by measure and in bottle / Open whole year 16.30 (17.00 in summer)-21.00, saturady and sunday 10-21.00 (EN/DE/HR)

What to buy of local typical products at Nimis

I COMELLI of Comelli Alessandro, NIMIS (33045 UD) largo Diaz 8, tel.0432-790685 fax.0432-797158  / Typical local wines, between which Ramandolo Docg, Picolit and the exclusive native Cjavalgjan; Honey / Open in working hours from monday to friday and whole day saturday and sunday (EN)
MERLINO of Rottaro Luca and Sandra ss, NIMIS (33045 UD) via Carducci 47, tel./fax. 0432-797362 347-8931342   / Typical local wines (Ramandolo Docg, Picolit, Refosco pr, Red and white grape blends) by measure and in bottle (from € 5) / Open whole year friday 16.30 (17.00 in summer)-21.00, saturady and sunday 10-21.00 (EN/DE/HR)

VIZZUTTI Sandro and Marco, NIMIS (33045 UD) via Manzoni 35, tel.0432-797195  339-1440759  www.vinoestorie:it  / Typical local wines by measure and in bottle: Refosco pr, Picolit and the best range of Ramandolo Docg (traditional, from raisin, barrique) / Open from monday to saturday 9-12.30/15-19.00 in Tricesimo (see map)

Farm ZORE of Alessia Berra, Taipana 33040 UD, loc.Zore, tel.333-4581123 / Production and direct sale of goat’s cheeses, ricotta, yogurt and frico whole year, of goat cured meats in winter, of kids in spring / Open: 9.30-12.30/15.30-18.30 whole year every day at Zore (14 km from Nimis at North-East), from thursday to sunday in the shop of Vedronza (Tarcento) from May to December

Craftsman STUDIO CREATIVO of COMELLI FABIO, Nimis 33045 UD, via Taipana 19, tel.0432-790308  347-4329733 / Wrought iron and copper also with gilding.

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