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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
Map and touristic Guide of GRADO sea-beach and historical centre in Friuli Italy
N.B. For every place of FriuliVg region our web-site FriuliTipico presents all information about only the historical Cultural Tourism (environment, buildings, art, craft, traditions…) and the traditional Gastronomic Tourism (produce and cooking): for the Health Tourism (thermal baths…), Playfull Tourism (bathing, boating, ski, dancing, amusement generally speaking) and the modern life and events see

…GRADO is not only Sun and Sea…


…it is also a great culture town

with several religious and civil ancient buildings. They are witnesses of important role of Grado since its birth in b.C. 450, often also in battle against near Aquileia and long before the discovery of its vocation to seaside tourism. 
  The historical centre of Grado is contained in 1 square km, in the west side of an island, with picturesque little streets and hallways. 
  Otherwise, the traditional ‘casoni’ are scattered on several little islands in the lagoon: over one of these, Barbana, stands the Virgin Mary Sanctuary, destination (only by boat) of many pilgrims.
  Historical buildings in ancient Grado are very interesting because they are dated back to 400-500 a.C. The most ancient building is the ‘Santa Maria’ basilica, few metres from the principal church, where there are visible some original mosaics.
  However the ‘Santa Eufemia’ basilica is the most important building, consacrated in 579 a.C. It contains precious works as a great gilged-silver altar-piece with embossed scenes, floor mosaics, a marble pulpit (nice also a big copper angel as weathervane in the top of bell-tower).
  From the basilica people reach ‘San Marco’ Chapel and Mausoleum where they can admire the Chrch’ treasure. Outside the basilic are the Epigraphic Museum, with tombstones of roman age, and the Baptistery built in 400 a.C.
  Then very interesting is the whole of houses in the historical centre (some of them are many hundred years old) which shows volumes and architectural solutions in a tangle of narrow streets (‘calli’ ‘campielli’ ‘androne’) unique in this kind.
  An other important building, on a little island in the lagoon, is the Marian Sanctuary of Barbana, built in 1900 a.C. in newroman style: in there the Virgin Mary painted wooden sculpture of 1400 a.C.

But also the surroundings of Grado are very interesting at landscape level…

  The wonderful Grado’ lagoon (so different af Marano-Lignano’ lagoon) is very rich of little islands: these ones merit a visit either for its naturalistic look or for famous ‘casoni’ ( typic fisherman’ huttes built with stones and reeds).
  You must visit the Val Cavanata natural reserve too (area of passage for very many species of migratory birds) and go, on foot or by bicycle, along the path on the Fossalon’ bank: you can have a wide panorama on the Gulf and the Carso of Trieste.

… and at the typical gastronomic level

Grado means not only sea-food…
  In Grado people arrive of course for enjoing the sea-food, daily caught in the lagoon and the open sea: about thirty restaurants and trattorias assure a large choice between local traditional dishes and creative cooking (in this page, however, we list only some truly typical restaurants)
…but also delicious dishes from an agricultural area unique of its kind
  To our ‘typicity explorers’ we advise in fact to discover also the wide area of Grado town which in the old times was a lagoon and now, drained 100 years ago, forms a very large reservoire of agricultural products unique for its particular sapidity, due to original sea ground. The best produce of this country (named ‘Fossalòn’) are vegetables and web-footed birds, geese manly.
Where to eat the best sea-food in Grado

  Sea-food cooking reaches in Grado very high standards. ‘Ristoranti’ ‘trattorie’ ‘osterie’ are more than thirty: you can do a complete choice on the specialized web-sites. Here we advise to you for each price level one or two places with solid guaranties of quality, fair prices and, above all, typicality: in fact they have ever at menu al least three typical historical dishes of Grado as ‘sarde in saòr’ (sardine in pesto), ‘boreto’ (special soup), baked turbot, special mixed fried.
  They are all in the historical centre or in its vicinity and are open whole the year:

Trattoria L'OSTERIA**°°, piazza Duca d'Aosta 16/A, tel.0431-80580 338-1490315

Trattoria ALLA BORSA**°°, via Conte di Grado 1, tel.0431-80126

Ristorante DA OVIDIO***°, via Marina 36, tel.0431-80440

Ristorante AL CANEVON**** (edificio storico), calle Corbatto 11, tel.0431-81662

Holiday fish farm AI FIURI DE TAPO***° of Andrea & Ornella, GRADO 34073 GO, Valle Francamela (in the lagoon near Porto Buso / watertaxi), tel.347-5008284 340-9424141 / Cold and hot cooking with fish and shellfish directly bred or fished daily in the lagoon or in open sea / Open from April to October every and whole day

Where to eat the typical dishes of the Grado green hinterland

Holiday farm ALLE TRE BOTTI*°°°, GRADO 34073 GO, loc.Fossalon via Muggia 6, tel.340-5557238 (1 km at East of Val Cavanata Reserve ) / Homemade cooking based on tasty local produce, above all web-footed birds (goose…), poultry (capon…) and vegetables (swet-and-sour too); specialità: cured pork-meats and mixed grill / Open all the year Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10-15.00/17-24.00 (closed from Epiphany to Saint Joseph, July and August)

Trattoria L'OSTERIA**°°, piazza Duca d'Aosta 16/A, tel.0431-80580 338-1490315 / Open from March 15 to December 31 (closed Monday in low season)

Where to buy the typical produce of Grado Fossalòn

Farm F.LLI MOVIO, GRADO 34073 GO, loc.Fossalon, tel.347-3883137 / All the vegetables, asparagus, fruit (cherries, strawberries, apricots, peaches…), cured pork meats / Shops open whole year (8-13.00 in winter) in Grado in via Orseolo e in via Martiri della Libertà Città  Giardino  (see map) 

Farm LA BONIFICA of Maurizio and Sabrina Sain, Grado (34073 GO), loc.Fossalon viale della Vittoria 14 / tel.0431-88145 fax.0431-88384 / Cheese: Mozzarella, Ricotta, Stracchino, Robiola, Primo sale, Filone for hot plate, natural Yogurt, fresh Milk, classic 30-60 days Latteria, spiced Latteria, marbled Latteria and some other typical local food / Open from Monday to Saturday 8.30-12-30/15-19. (see map)

Touristic accomodation where to stay for sleeping in GRADO

Pool GRADO PROMHOTELS, Grado 34073 GO, Riva Zaccaria Gregori 9, 34073 Grado (GO), Tel. +39-0431-82929/82347 Fax +39-0431-84980 Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. / Available 8 hotel****, 19 hotel***, 1 hotel**, half of them open also in the winter / Infopoint open: from May to September  monday-saturday 9,30-12,30/15,00-19,00, sunday 9.30-12.30; from October to April: monday-friday 9,30-12,30/15.00-18.30
Grado is enchantig in winter too
Besides the mystic atmosphere of sacred buildings and the fascination of the ancient stone houses, in the silence emerges strongly the appeal of a shining beach caressed by the thin waves of a sea without limits.
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