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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
Map and touristic guide of UDINE town in Friuli
(Europe – Italy – Friuli Venezia Giulia region – province of Udine - homogeneous area of Udine and countryside)
  Udine is one of the Middle Europe provincial capitals born and settled in a long history of cultural and, often, political autonomy: at first in the Aquileia’s Parliament (953-1420 a.C.); then as capital of Friuli nation within the Venice Republic (1420-1797); finally, in the state of Italy from 1860, as second town (today with 100.000 inhabitants) of the region Friuli Venezia Giulia (autonomous since 1963).
  They are three historical periods that you can see, going around in the town (in the streets drawn with yellow ochre colour), concretized in the most important buildings and monuments, as in following list under the map.

- the urban structure of the streets whole around the Castle hill;
- the Castel Hill (which lonely comes out of the flat country offering very nice views in all directions toward mountains and the sea) with S.Maria Church of 1200 with frescoes and the famous wheathervane angel (town symbol) upon the tower, the Houses of the Confraternita (Brotherhood) 1400 and of the Contadinanza (Pleasant society) 1500, Palace-Castle of 1500 with municipal museum;
- ancient houses in Borgo Gemona;
- three gate-towers at North, Centre and South of the ancient town;
- the main religious buildings: the Duomo (1200-1400-1700) and S.Francesco of 1200 (now exhibition hall).

- several palaces (Archbishop’s one with religious art museum; Province’s one)
- two very nice squares: Libertà with Lionello’s and S.Giovanni’s open galleries; San Giacomo with the church having the same name;
- the churches: Monte di pietà chapel of 1600, Manin Chapel, Beata Vergine del Carmine of 1700 with frescoes and sarcophagus of 1300 in Borgo Aquileia; the sanctuary-monastery of Madonna delle Grazie of 1500-1700 at East of the large square-garden Primo Maggio
- the pictorial heritage (Udine is the town of Tiepolo whose the Purità chapel, beside the Duomo, preserve several frescoes, as also the Archbishop’s Palace)
- the evocative places (in via Gemona, in the Centre and in via Grazzano) where flows the ancient irrigation ditch.

  You can see some neoclassical palaces of 1800 and other scattered minor buildings in Art-nouveau style, the new Theatre, the Ossary temple of 1931, the Events Centre, the University, the Fair, International mechanical sciences Centre, the renowed High Schools.

  However very interesting are three traditional activities of the people of Udine:
- RETAIL TRADE very appreciated also by tourists for the fine selecting capability and affable business proposition of its operators;
- COOKING hot and cold that you can find very good in elegant cafès, osterie and restaurants which are superb presenting the gastronomic culture of all Friuli (both in the recipes and in the high level ingredients)
- ARTISTIC CRAFTS which renovate with creativity the precious heritage of celtic, roman and lombardic ancestors.  
  The historical centre of Udine is easy to run through also with the car: it presents a square design (with sides 2 km long) subdivided in fore squares by two main ways North-South and East-West; there also are two ring roads: an external one, very easy to run, with two lanes; and an internal one with 1-2 lanes, less simple but intuitive.  

Where to stay for sleeping in Udine

Hotel Restaurant DUE PALME **°°, Udine, viale Leonardo da Vinci 5, tel.0432-481807

Hotel Restaurant QUO VADIS **°°, Udine, piazzale Cella 28, tel.0432-21091

Hotel Restaurant RAMANDOLO***°, Udine, via Forni di Sotto 28, tel.0432-470994

Hotel Restaurant ASTORIA ITALIA ****, Udine, Piazza 20 Settembre 24,tel.0432-505091 (historical)

Hotel PRESIDENT ****, Udine, via Cividale/via Duino 8, tel.0432-509905

Where to eat in the historical centre of Udine

Osteria with cooking and accommodation AL CAPPELLO*°°° di UDINE 33100 UD, via Paolo Sarpi  5, tel.0432-299327

Osteria AL MARINAIO*°°°, Udine, Via Cisis angolo via Grazzano, tel.0432-295840 / Chiuso domenica sera e lunedì

Osteria AQUILA NERA*°°°, UDINE  33100 UD, via Piave 2/a, tel.0432-505458 / 'Fast  food furlan' with meat and fish  / Open 7-22.00, sunday and monday 7-15.00

Bistro JOLANDA DE  COLO'*°°°, UDINE 33100 UD, via Paolo Sarpi 18,tel.0432-510938  / Tasting and sale of typical gouse products

Trattoria AI FRATI**°°, UDINE 33100 UD, piazzetta Antonini 5,  tel.0432-506926 /  Traditional and innovative friulan cooking / Sunday closed

Osteria AI VECCHI PARROCCHIANI**°°, UDINE 33100 UD, via Aquileia  66, tel.504506

Osteria AL VECCHIO STALLO**°°, UDINE 33100 UD,  via Viola 7, tel.0432-21296 /  Open 12-14/19-23.00, tuesday closed

Osteria with cooking ALLA GHIACCIAIA**°°, Udine 33100 UD, via Zanon 13, tel.0432-502471 / In the centre of the town, in an historical building with veranda on ditch and summer pergola, you can enjoy the most typical friulan specialities (and original and rare cured meats and cheeses) and the classic italian and international dishes / Doc Colli Orientali wines / Monday closed

Trattoria ALL'ALLEGRIA***°, UDINE 33100 UD, via Grazzano 18, tel.0432 -25508 /  Traditional and creative friulan cooking

Osteria ALLA  TAVERNETTA***°, UDINE 33100 UD, via Di Prampero 2, tel.0432-501066  /
Open only in meal time

Osteria ALLE VOLTE***°, UDINE 333100 UD, via  Mercerie 6, tel.0432-502800 /  Traditional friulan cooking with meat and sea food

Osteria Trattoria ANTICA MADDALENA***°, UDINE 33100 UD, via  Pelliccerie 4,  tel.0432-500544 / Meat and fish traditional cooking; snack /  Sunday evening and monday closed 

Ristorante ASTORIA ITALIA****, UDINE 33100 UD, piazza 20 Settembre 24,
tel.0432 -505091 / Regional, italian and international cooking

Where to eat near Udine

Holiday farm TION*°°° Federico , Pradamano, loc. Lovaria via della Libertà 34, tel.fax. 0432-670316 /  Cold and hot cooking: 10.30-22.30 (July-15 September only cold cooking)

Trattoria Bar AI CACCIATORI**°° di Zanon Marcello & C. sas, REMANZACCO 33047 UD, loc.Cerneglons via Pradamano 28, tel.0432-670132  / Specialities: Frico soufflè 'dei Cacciatori'; Mountain and plain game / Closed: monday, August and 27 December-3 January (see map)

Trattoria ALLE ALPI ***° (speciality: ‘fagiolata’), Udine, loc. Cussignacco via Veneto 179, tel.0432-601122 (monday closed)

Typical what to buy in Udine town

CRESTAN bottega orafa celtica, Udine via A.Moro 50, tel.0432-299187 / Celtic jeweller

IL KILIM, Udine via Deganutti 10, 0432-26433 / Carpets

MAZZOLA S.E., Udine via Giovanni da Udine 29, tel.0432-509993 fax 0432-509993 / Lombardic forge
MILAN ROBERTO, Udine via San Domenico 54, tel.0432-400367 / Creation and restoration of wood carvings
MINOZZI ELENA, Udine , Via d’Aronco 27, tel.0432-505567 / Gifts and fancy good in medieval and reanaissance styles


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