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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
Map and touristic Guide of TARCENTO, Torre's and Epiphany's town
(Europe – Italy – Friuli Venezia Giulia region – omogeneous area Torre’s Valleys)
(Shortest time for a touristic visit: one day)

Tarcento, the pearl of Friuli

Water town

Fire town

  Commonly known as The town of the Torre, torrent with crystal-clear water, the small town of Tarcento has ever been distinguishable above all for its environment, climate, historical buildings and traditional events (as the famous bonfires in Epiphany day).

  Its secret is never to stop keeping itself up-to-date, harmoniously integrating everything new in the pre-existent heritage: that is so well visible along its streets in which ancient and various modern buildings in pleasant kind alternate.


 In the regenerating local micro-climate of the morenic hills and the first Alpi Giulie elevations, a visit in Tarcento offers occasion of mind relax and cultural incentive.        Churches, palaces, period villas and typical houses are present in every hamlet of the municipal district.  

Particularly we signal:
- the rebuilt old Spinningmill at Bulfons
- the ancient village of Segnacco, with chapel of 1300
- Moretti’s villa, a Coia, become, as the near Cjastielat, the symbol of the town
- the original fortified village of Villafredda (1200)
- the lighthouse, the fort of 2° World War and the large panorama toward the flat country on the top of the La Bernadia Mount.

Tarcento proposes to the tourist the following routes, specially studied to integrating nature and culture:
- the centre of the town, where are the Duomo (1400), the main square and street, the Municipal Hall and the neighbouring historical building (Frangipane palace)
- the fitted path along the right bank of the Torre river, partly panoramic partly naturalistic
- the longer Oltretorre route, on the left bank, with several villas and typical houses, beginning from the main bridge of the river (water games created by dykes)
- the fitted path ‘Tai roncs dal soreli’ (‘Through the sun-vineyards’), leading from Bulfons (Luciano Ceschia european centre) to Moretti villa and Coia tower, until Madonna del Giglio sanctuary (wooden altar of 1600), and finishing on another route with old villas.
- the fitted path of ‘Crosis’ leading from Zomeais to the Torre fall.
- the ‘Memory’ fitted path leading from Zomeais to the hill of Sammardenchia (museum in open air) and coming back along the valley of Zimor brook
- the panoramic and naturalistic path of the Stella Mount
- the splendid panoramic and wine route on the ridge of the hills of Sedilis-Clotz, between Tarcento and Nimis village.
  Ii could be interesting to identify, along the routes, the different styles of the various buildings: neoclassical, neo-gothic, art nouveau, art deco, rationalistic, creative, post-modernist.
  Tarcento is only place, with the adjacent Nimis, where the sweet white wine ‘Ramandolo’ is produced with D.O.C.G. certificate.
  With its grapes now in Tarcento is also produced a balsamic vinegar with particular gastronomic properties. Besides, there is widespread the cultivation of the olive trees, which expert farmers obtain from a very fine extra-virgin olive oil.

  Based on high gastronomic tradition joining friulan dishes to the fantasy and innovation in the cooking, more then thirty Restaurants, trattorias, Pizzerias, Farm Restaurants are present in the centre of the town and in Collalto-Ss13, Segnacco, Loneriacco, Molinis, Pradandons, Sedilis-Clotz, ciseriis, Zomeais.
 The touristic accommodation is possible in 4 Hotels, about 10 Bed&Breakfast, Holiday Houses, Holiday Farms. Moreover Tarcento is between the few places in Friuli VG having a fitted camper-area just in the historical centre. 
  For the traditional events see calendar in the page Zona Valli del Torre.
  For other details see

Where to stay for sleeping in Tarcento

Hotel CENTRALE**°°, Tarcento, tel.0432-785150
Hotel Restaurant COSTANTINI**°°, TARCENTO 33017 UD, loc.Collalto via Pontebbana 12, tel./fax.0432-792004-792372 / 'Guardians of the well coming' with 2 single, 15 double, 3 triple bedrooms and 2 minisuite; recreational park / Open whole year

Where to eat typical dishes in Tarcento

Restaurant PLAN DI PALUZ Trattoria in the park**°°, TARCENTO 33017 UD, via Malignani 21, tel.0432-784120  / Specialized, in addition to classic friulan dishes, in individual lava-stone cooking, small spit of mixed meat, ’Laura's panful' / Large room and large park with 200 seats open air / The best close panorama of Tarcento (closed monday and tuesday)
Restaurant Osteria di VILLAFREDDA***°, Tarcento 33017 UD, Loc. Loneriacco via Liruti 7 (historical typical house), tel./fax. 0432-792153 / Friulan typical dishes also with old recipes and the best produce / Own organic and regional wines / Open on meal times, closed sunday and monday evening Restaurant
Hotel COSTANTINI****, TARCENTO 33017 UD, loc.Collalto via Pontebbana 12, tel./fax.0432-792004-792372 / ’Guardians of the traditional friulan cooking’ of meat and sea-food, lightened and with fantasy, made with the best and rare regional typical produce; large choice of wines / Banqueting and catering services / Close sunday evening and Monday.

What to buy of local typical products at Tarcento

Farm ZORE of Alessia Berra, Taipana 33040 UD, loc.Zore, tel.333-4581123 / Production and direct sale of goats’ milk cheese, ricotta, yogurt and ‘frico’ whole year, cured goat meat in winter and kids in springtime / Sale times: 9.30-12.30/15.30-18.30 whole year, alldays in Zore; from thursday to sunday and from May to December, in the point of sale in Vedronza village (6 km at North of Tarcento).

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